Reviews for A Hill of Fools and I Speak to the Silent

Praise for Deliberate Concealment

This is an extraordinary story of one man’s courage and determination to seek the truth and make sure it saw the light of day.’GILES CLARKE, president of the England and Wales Cricket Board

‘During his tenure as president of Cricket South Africa Mtutuzeli Nyoka fought almost alone to expose corruption and improve corporate governance within the higher echelons of South African cricket … For this the cricket community of South Africa owe him a great deal of gratitude.’DR ALI BACHER

Praise for A Hill of Fools

‘An insightful exploration of human kind’s fatal fascination with power … This is Nyoka at his best, wielding a pen rather than his traditional scalpel, to cauterise a malignancy on the body of our continent.’MANDLA LANGA, author of The Lost Colours of the Chamele

‘A Hill of Fools is brutal, uncompromising and direct and it ends on a redemptive though uncertain note. I suggest it becomes bedtime reading for those who are the parasitic leaders in Africa. They’ll have nightmares.’SUE GRANT-MARSHALL, Business Day

‘When you start reading A Hills of Fools, don’t be surprised to look up at your clock and discover it’s gone past 1 am. This is what happened to me: it took me just two days to read the 200-page novel. This is a good read.’THAMSANQA MAGUBANE, The Witness

‘Nyoka tells a good story and his narrative contains great insight into the African condition.’JOSINE OVERDEVEST, Citivibe, The Citizen

 Praise for I Speak to the Silent

‘This book tells the stories so many of us are familiar with but with the veracity of which is bound to be doubted by younger generations. The author tells it with simplicity of diction and poetic beauty. And yet it is a captivating “insider’s” tale that has many lessons for us in contemporary, democratic South Africa.’BARNEY PITYANA, Human Rights Commission 

‘I picked I SPEAK TO THE SILENT out of a booth for international books because of the harmony of its language.’ JOY CALDERWOOD, Reviewer’s Choice.  Click HERE to read the full review.




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