I Speak to the Silent

Book cover for I Speak to the Silent written by Mtutuzeli Nyoka

Walter Hambile Kondile is ‘a simple man, a Xhosa and an African, whose life is of no significance to the world’. He is the typical ‘good native’ of his generation, poorly educated and subservient, brought up to know his place and believe that ‘it was God’s design for the white man to rule over me’.

But this unquestioning obedience is called into rebellion when his beloved daughter Sindiswa, a committed young struggle activist, goes missing in exile. Kondile’s search leads him to Lesotho and grim discoveries of betrayal that shatter forever his own ‘complicity of silence’, committing him to an irrevocable path of no return.

I Speak to the Silent is an exciting novel by Mtutuzeli Nyoka, a powerful storyteller who tells his history as he sees it.


  • TITLE: I Speak to the Silent
  • AUTHOR: Mtutuzeli Nyoka
  • ISBN: 9781869140380
  • PAGES: 192 pages
  • FORMAT: 220mm x 150mm
  • PUBLICATION DATE: October 2004

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    One thought on “I Speak to the Silent”

    1. I am currently reading this book. It is well written, informative (enjoyed the datailed history of my hometown) and poignant. The Maseru revelations left me broken.

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